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Execute Java Class file from SSIS – Part 2

Posted by Sunil Reddy Enugala on June 2, 2013

In my previous post I have shown you how to execute Java Class file, let me show another process to execute Java Class file.

Process 2:

In this process

  • We are executing java class file using a batch file.
  • We have to hardcode the file path in the batch file.
  • No need of configuring SSIS variables.
  • Not flexible as process 1.
  • Simple than process 1 as we are hardcoding everything.

I have placed java class file in D:\FileDeletion\ path. Please go through the below figure to know about the content of batch file.

Syntax to execute Java Class file:

java –classpath <folder path of class file> <filename of class file without extension> <parameters>


I have placed batch file in the same folder(D:\FileDeletion\ ).


Drag a Execute Process task in SSIS Control Flow Designer pane, Edit the Executable and WorkingDirectory properties as shown in below figure.


I have placed the file which needs to be deleted in following folder path.


image press f5 and see..


Please let me know your comments and queries.

2 Responses to “Execute Java Class file from SSIS – Part 2”

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  2. Anonymous said

    Nice one. Thank you it helped me lot. Saved lot time

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